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Journalism from Oakley Brooks


Surprising states lead on clean energy., March 29, 2011.

Can wind power grow in Oregon without greens’ support?  Oregon Business, October 2010.

Facing disaster, before it happens. Los Angeles Times October8, 2009.

One man’s crusade to save the fish and the fishermen, in Aceh. Christian Science Monitor, December 12, 2008.

Indonesia finds green gold in trees. Far East Economic Review, October 2008

A standing army to fight climate change. Nature Conservancy, Summer 2008.

Logging-tolerant species haven’t been around that long. Nature Conservancy, Spring 2008.

Skagit Valley farmers go back to the birds. Nature Conservancy, Summer 2007.

Market cooling: Will California and the West knock down global warming by buying and selling carbon? High Country News, April 30, 2007.

A clean power revolution: So urgent. So necessary. So what’s Oregon’s problem. Oregon Business, June 2006.

Nuclear Rennaisance? Oregon State’s nuclear team is ushering in a bold, new era of power. Is the rest of the state ready? Oregon Business, December 2005.

Portland and greenhouse gas emissions reductions: much gain, little pain. Ecosystem Marketplace , August 2005.


When tourists desert. Far East Economic Review, December 2008.

In the heart of Indonesia’s Siberut, traditional families evolve with times. Destinasian, June/July 2008.

Lou’s Legacy: One reporter’s quest to uncover more of his great uncle’s Cold War past. Christian Science Monitor, April 22, 2008.

It takes a village (at least) to save a rainforest. Reed Magazine, Fall 2007.


Traveling the Open Road with Pico Iyer and the Dalai Lama. Far East Economic Review, October 2008.


Top developer tries to fill a hole in downtown Portland. Oregon Business, June 2011.

Can windpower survive without greens support in Oregon? Oregon Business, October 2010.

The Rebirth of Aceh: Three years after the tsunami, the province seeks a spot in the global economy. Far East Economic Review, November 2007.

The Fix: Employers grapple with increased drug use on the job while facing a worker shortage. Tougher policies could help — or hurt.Oregon Business, February 2007.

Fashioning a green ideal: Portland clothing company Nau plans to build its future on social responsibility. Oregon Business, January 2007.

Kitzhaber’s cure: The Archimedes plan for health care reform calls for federal waivers and local control. Will business back it? Oregon Business, September 2006.

The New Entrepreneurs: Across Oregon, Latino-owned small businesses are growing as fast as the ambition that drives them. Oregon Business, August 2006.

Facing a building threat: Central Oregon’s construction boom squeezes the region’s manufacturers. Oregon Business, May 2006.

Art of the deal: How Lithia Motors bought its way across the West and became the nation’s eighth-largest car retailer. Oregon Business, April 2006.

Downhill Battle: Running a family-owned ski area isn’t easy. Just ask the family. Oregon Business, February 2006.

Tough Medicine: Rural doctors struggle with more seniors, fewer resources. Oregon Business, January 2006.


A Big Wave contest for women. New York Times, November 5, 2010.

Searching for the heart of Indonesia’s greatest sports love: badminton. Christian Science Monitor, July 15, 2008.

Aceh’s golf course in limbo. Christian Science Monitor, December 26, 2007.

Surfing, while the Big One lurks. The New York Times, October 2, 2007.

The Tao of Hoop. Portland Monthly, June 2007.

Pro Football: For NFL, 3 Legs Equal a Billion Eyes. The New York Times, March 2, 2007.

Outdoors: Challenging Mount Hood A Month After a Tragedy. The New York Times, January 20, 2007.

Cyclocross Leaves Mud-Colored Glow. The New York Times. November 25, 2006.

Lone Climber Attacks Rocky Proving Ground. The New York Times, October 21, 2006.

After 70 Miles, Racer Just Warming Up. The New York Times, July 22, 2006.

Summer Snowboarders Discover an Oasis of Cool. The New York Times, July 15, 2006.

It’s not about the ball: Entrepreneur Anthony Veliz ignites a pro basketball stampede in Salem. Oregon Business, July 2006.

Gatlin and Powell Show How to Sprint and Duck, The New York Times, May 29, 2006.

Snowboarders Take On Rock Star Status, The New York Times, March 29, 2006.

A Chute, Some Wind and a Sport Is Born, The New York Times, March 18, 2006.

Bringing back the past: Can an old Blazer give the team new stature? Oregon Business, November 2005.

China’s Plan: Import a Gold Medal, The New York Times, September 15, 2004.


Sumatran artist Grace Siregar tries to unite the diverse Indonesian canvas. Christian Science Monitor, October 6, 2008.

The passionate propagator: Canby botanist Dan Heims goes far and wide looking for the freaks of nature. Oregon Business, December 2006.

Blowing up the system: Leftist critic Jeffrey St. Clair is working to turn politics upside down from his quiet little subdivision in Oregon City. Oregon Business, October 2006.

A rancher cries wolf: Cove’s Sharon Beck digs in against predators of all stripes. Oregon Business, February 2006.